Radiant Floor Heating

What is radiant floor heating?

You’re thinking of installing a floor heating system in your home but are not quite sure what radiant heating is? The following information may be useful.

With the True Comfort floor heating system, heat spreads evenly from the ground up, is absorbed by the objects, and is then distributed throughout the room, creating and unsurpassed sense of well-being and comfort.

The principle of radiant heat is a simple concept based on the way energy is transferred from one surface to another. In nature, warm surfaces transfer their energy/heat to colder surfaces in the search of perfect balance.

The concept of radiant heat can be illustrated by the example of a rock that is warmed by the sun. The rock absorbs the sun’s rays and the heat from the mass of the rock is subsequently dissipated to the surrounding environment.

Traditional heating systems heat the air, which rises naturally toward the ceiling where it gathers while the floor stays cold. To feel warm, we often increase the temperature and overheat, which dries the air and substantially increases our bills.

Our products work differently. They do not overheat the air and will keep you warm at all times.

True Comfort offers substantial energy savings. By heating solid masses instead of the air, True Comfort allows you to reduce air temperature without affecting comfort. You can therefore reduce the room’s temperature by 5°C while maintaining the same level of comfort.* Although the actual air temperature is cooler, you will still feel comfortable.

True Comfort products are energy-efficient, durable, sound, environmentally friendly and can help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 28%.**

* Source: ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).
** In the room heated by a True Comfort floor heating system.