Heating Mat



The True Comfort Mat consists of a cable on a substrate at a 7.6 cm (3 in) spacing. It is perfect for square or rectangular shaped rooms that are free of obstacles. It is compatible with ceramic or natural stone floor coverings and its self-adhesive backing makes installation a breeze.

produit éco-énergétique
jusqu’à 28% d’économie d’énergie
25 ans garantie limitée
  • Energy savings up to 28%*
  • EMF-free (electromagnetic fields)**
  • Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
  • Does not dry out the air or spread dust and germs
  • Quiet and requires no maintenance
  • Compatible with ceramic or natural stone floor coverings
  • Perfect for square or rectangular rooms that are free of obstacles
  • Wide assortment of lengths
  • Designed for interior installations, in dry or wet environments
  • 25-year limited warranty

* In the room heated with a True Comfort floor heating system.
**Based on the installation instructions included in our True Comfort installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).

Heating mat 120 volts

Heating mat 120 volts

Output: 9.8 W/linear m (3 W/linear ft)

Output by square foot:
7.6cm (3 in) spacing: 129 W/m2 (12W/ft2)

NOTE: If the installation surface is greater than 400 ft2, we recommend that you contact our Customer service to help you with the purchase and installation of your floor heating system.



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IMPORTANT : The concrete slab (or mortar bed) must be insulated to avoid heat loss from below. We recommend that all rooms supported by the concrete slab be equipped with a TRUE COMFORT floor heating system to avoid perimeter heat loss.

Simply unroll and it’s done!

The True Comfort Mat can be installed in just a few steps thanks to its self-adhesive backing.

You can view the installation video or download the installation guide in PDF format for more information. You can also download the warranty in PDF format for this product.


If you wish to have your system installed by a professional, talk to your True Comfort retailer to find out more about their installation services.