Choosing Your System

Not sure where to start? There are six factors to consider when choosing your floor heating system:

  • 1.Which to choose: the cable or the mat?opener

    True Comfort offers two types of floor heating systems, the cable and the mat. The cable completely adapts to rooms of any shape to maximize the heating capacity. The cable is compatible with most floor coverings and can easily be installed using our patented gauges. The heating mat, on the other hand, is perfect for square or rectangular shaped rooms that are free of obstacles. It is compatible with ceramic or natural stone floor coverings and its self-adhesive backing makes its installation a breeze.

    Example of the heating cable

    Example of the heating mat

  • 2. Will you use your system as a primary or complementary heat source? opener

    Floor heating systems can either be used as a primary or complementary heat source. There are several factors to consider such as: the spacing of the cable during installation, combined with other factors related to the type of construction such as insulation and window coverage. These factors will determine whether the system will be used as a primary or complementary heat source. For more information, please contact one of our Customer service representatives.

  • 3. What is the area to be covered? opener

    It is extremely important to properly calculate the area that will be covered by the floor heating system. The focus should be on taking accurate measurements. We recommend a plan drawn to scale to help you visualize your calculations. The area covered by the cable or mat must always be equal to or less than the calculated area to be covered since the heating cable cannot be cut or modified. Please refer to our Surface calculation guide.

    Surface to be covered

    Surface calculation guide

  • 4. What is the installation surface (sub-floor)? opener

    The True Comfort floor heating system is compatible with most installation surfaces.* Please refer to our Products selection table for more information.

    Heating cable – Selection table

    Heating mat – Selection table

    * The sub-floor must be in compliance with the construction standards of the region where it is being installed.

  • 5. What type of floor covering will you be installing? opener

    The type of floor covering paired with the type of sub-floor will dictate the suggested cable spacing and have an impact on the heat distribution capacity. Please refer to our Products selection table to choose the appropriate cable spacing (based on your choice of floor covering and sub-floor) for your installation.

    Heating cable – Selection table

    Heating mat – Selection table

  • 6. Which voltage is available in the room? opener

    If you already have a 120 V or a 240 V circuit in the room, you can use it for your installation. Selecting either a 120 V or a 240 V cable will have no impact whatsoever on the energy consumption of your system.

    NOTE : The floor heating system must be connected to a dedicated electrical circuit. The circuit amperage must not be exceeded.